The Body Con.

Body Con short for “body conscious” ( super tight bandage
style dresses.).Body-con has been a huge
trend for sometime now.

From skintight pencil skirts (or bodycon skirt s) to
figure-hugging dresses and even form-fitting high-
waisted jeans, the body-con silhouette will have you
showing off your shape.
But how do you wear it? Will it be flattering? How can
you keep your look sultry, not trashy?
Below are some general Body-Con Tips:
Don’t be afraid:The thought of tight, figure-
hugging clothing probably inspires fear in the
majority of women, but it shouldn’t! Most body-
con pieces are actually pretty flattering, due to the
fact that they suck you in, smoothing out your
shape. You could also try wearing Spanx.
Play with proportions:if you’re wearing a tight item of clothing,
it’s a good rule to balance it out with an item
that’s loose fitting. Wearing a tight skirt? Pair with a colorful, loose-fitting tank tank top for balance.
Choose what to showcase:Sure, a tight bandage
dress is a great option for a night at the club, but
it’s not for every day! For normal wear, it’s best to
decide what assets to flaunt and cover the rest!
For instance,if you’re wearing tight, high-waisted
jeans, put on a short sleeved turtleneck! That way,
you flaunt your legs and butt, but keep the
cleavage under wraps for a classy look.
Go dark:Because these styles are so form fitting,
it’s best to opt for a dark color if you’re feeling at
all shy about showing your shape. Black, dark
gray, brown, navy, and even deep purples and reds
are all great colour choices for body-con pieces.
Pick your pairings wisely. What you wear with your
body-con is almost as important as the body-con
item itself! For city chic looks, pair body-con
dresses with boyfriend blazers, or jean
jackets. If you’re doing the body-con thing in the day choose conservative shoes like ballet flats or boots. Even your
accessories can provide some needed coverage,eg a scarf.
It’s all about striking a balance between showing off your hot bodyand keeping it classy.


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